What Types of Property Do Equipment Appraisers Normally Not Appraise?

A piece of equipment is considered to be capital equipment if its original cost was at $2,500. Equipment Certified Appraisers can perform a valuation on almost any piece of capital equipment with the following exceptions:

Real Property and Leasehold Equipment

Equipment Certified Appraisers can appraise personal property items but not real property items. Real property consists of items that are fixed to a location and are usually immovable. Buildings and land are real property. Other examples of real property usually include lights, attached air conditioning systems, attached ventilation systems, and counters and bars. These items normally stay with the building.  The most common determinant of whether an item is real property or personal property is whether the equipment can be physically moved. Occasionally items that appear to be real property are actually personal property. For example, some freezers and overhead cranes can be taken down and removed. The host (the equipment owner) would be able to provide that information.

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