What Mistakes Do Equipment Owners Make When They Do a Valuation Without an Equipment Certified Appraiser?

Since there are only approximately 450 actual trained and certified equipment appraisers, what do our target markets rely upon to determine equipment value?


  • Rely on book value; (Does not take into consideration what the marketplace is currently doing)
  • Rely on the word of the owner; (The owner is biased about the equipment. After all, these are his babies)
  • Rely on a depreciation schedule; (Yes, we equipment appraisers use portions of the schedule but the main function of the schedule is for a CPA for tax purposes) or
  • Guess (Yikes!)

All of these avenues to determine value are inaccurate and filled with the potential risk of liability.


An Equipment Certified Appraiser’s (ECA) assignment is to deliver a defensible estimate of value backed by research and substantiation. If you really want to know the value of your equipment, this in the only way to go. All other methods rarely produce correct, defensible results.

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